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Position classification:
Place of work:
Process integration engineer

1. Bachelor degree or above, majored in Microelectronics/Electronic science and engineering/Materials/Physics/Chemistry, etc. Good command of spoken and written English.
2. Familiar with MEMS, or IGBT, or MOSFET, experience in process integration/development is preferred.
3. Experience in semiconductor device physics and advanced technology. 
4. Strong ability of logical analysis, coordination and execution. 
5. Good interpersonal communication skills and cross-organizational coordination ability. 
Job Duties:

1. Connect with customers externally; Coordinate and integrate resources of various technical departments internally; Take full charge of the whole process of project approval, development and mass production of new products.
2. Communicate with customers about the application requirements of chips, and feed the information back to the fab for implementation and output.
3. Process integration improvement and daily maintenance.
4. Process flow establishment and technology development related works.
5. Cooperate with module engineer to improve the technological process.
6. Yield improvement and quality improvement.
7. WAT/CP electrical analysis and product failure analysis.
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