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Technical Introduction
UNT BCD (Bipolar, CMOS, DMOS) process technology development platform provides a complete high-voltage, high current, and high-density technology solution for analog and power IC applications in automobiles, new renewable energy, high-end industrial control and IoT markets. The voltage range is from 5V-150V to 250V-650V, and the process technology nodes are 0.35μm and 0.18μm. On top of its bulk silicon BCD technology, SMEC also provides SOI BCD, BCD+eflash (SST)、IPS(BCD+MOS)options for further process platform integration while meeting the respective specificities of each targeted application in terms of voltage isolation and non-volatile memory block incorporation. For a smooth design-in and fast time-to-market experience, SMEC BCD technology development platform comes with accurate HV (high-voltage) device models, complete PDK (Process-Design-Kit), IP support and customized services. On the isolation front, multiple possible options are available including reversed-bias junction, DTI (Deep Trench Isolation), and SOI (Silicon on Insulator). SMEC BCD platform further complies with AEC-Q100 G0/G1/G2, to meet the various needs of automotive customers. As for BEOL (Back-End Of Line), both Al and Copper interconnections process on 300mm wafer size, with high-quality assurance of vehicle specification certification, are being offered while providing a one-stop experience to global partners.


Applied Products
UNT BCD technology platform is currently widely used in various application spaces such as of automotive, industrial control, server computing centers, smart grids, wind power generation, solar energy and IoT.