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No.329 Yinqiao Road, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing,Zhejiang.(Gate No.1)
No.518 Linjiang Road, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing,Zhejiang.(Gate No.3)

Shang Hai Address:
Room.201-11,No.2277 Longyang Road(Yongda International Building), Pudong New Area, Shanghai.
Position classification:
Place of work:
Equipment Engineer(FAB)

1、To well plan and manage the tool selection, materials control to meet MPS requirement;
2、To closely work with MFG, PIE and others aiming at continuing improvement and optimization in equipment operation, and process capabilities;
3、To keep both quality and cost in mind, aggressively seeking for and qualifying the 2nd source vendor / materials to minimize the operation cost while maintain a high quality performance;
4、To push for an intensive job training to enhance engineer’s troubleshooting capability and help engineer’s grow-up and realize their career plan in UNT;
5、To keep tool performance to meet the requirements of production ramp-up, daily wafer movement and monthly wafer out;
6、To evaluate new equipment and technologies for advanced technology node;
7、To achieve operation target in production (defect reduction, spec maintaining, cost reduction, etc);
8、To cultivate team leader and enhance engineer’s training for company growing needs.
Job Duties:

1、Junior college or above;
2、Major of science or engineering;
3、0~8 years semiconductor manufacturing experience;
4、CET 4;
5、Equipment related knowledge, basic statistical knowledge;
6、Good command of Windows/Office;
7、Proficient in English speaking, reading and writing;
8、Good communication ability and team work spirit

ETCH/TF/DIFF/Litho Three persons for each post
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