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Company news
China EV 100 Visited UNT for the Development of Green Chips
China EV 100 Visited UNT for the Development of Green Chips

On November 28th, Dr. ZHANG Yongwei, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the China EV 100, led his team to conduct a special visit to United Nova Technology (UNT, the name that SMEC intends to change). ZHAO Qi, the founder and CEO of UNT, YUAN Feng, the chairman of UNT Power, and others accompanied them for the visit.

Dr. ZHANG Yongwei visited the firm's clean workshop and gained a closer look on the firm’s one-stop foundry service, including design services, wafer manufacturing, module packaging, application verification, and reliability testing. ZHAO Qi showcased the firm’s developing course and business model to them, and highlighted the firm's product portfolio, technology accumulation, and leading edge in the core chip of the new energy industry. UNT achieved an intense year-on-year growth of over 45% in its main business revenue in the first three quarters of 2023, an opposite tendency to the chip industry. The company's impressive performance is attributed to its excellent revenue structure, with new energy and industrial control solution accounting for over 80%.

Dr. ZHANG Yongwei highly recognized the rapid development of UNT in the field of new energy and invited company leaders to join the China EV 100. He hopes that UNT can participate in the joint construction of platform for automotive supply chain and for new energy industry cooperation, strengthen coordination among various relevant points in the supply chain, jointly explore industrial cooperation models, and clarify automotive "core" standards.

During the symposium, the two sides also held in-depth discussions and exchanged views on four topics: " Participation of China's Automotive Chip Industry in Global Competition and Cooperation ", " Collaborative Development of Automotive Chips and Vehicles", "Automotive Supply Chain Construction", and " Exploration on Co-Construction of Global Automotive Chip Prospective Projects ". In the future, the two sides will conduct more exchanges and cooperation in the field of automotive chips.

About China EV 100:The China Committee of Electric Vehicles 100 Members (China EV100) was founded in 2014. The China EV 100 is an associated organization dedicated to conducting policy and academic research in the field of electric vehicles in China. It is an unofficial and non-profit conference platform that spans disciplines, industries, departments, and ownership. As a third-party think tank, EV 100 has actively participated in and contributed to the development of the new energy vehicle and intelligent vehicle industries in the past decade through super forums, industry research, hot topic discussions, entrepreneurship and innovation platforms, and urban pilot projects. Its influence has been unanimously recognized by the industry.

About United Nova Technology:United Nova Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Semiconductor Manufacturing Electronics (ShaoXing) Corporation, 688469.SH) is a leading domestic foundry engaged in special process. UNT provides one-stop solutions, including wafer manufacturing, and module packaging, focusing on technology solution for power, connection and sensor signal chain. As one of the few foundries in China with automotive chip production capabilities, UNT has established a full process automotive quality management system from research and development to large-scale production.UNT's mission is to link resources, link wisdom, continue innovation, devoted to support the global new energy revolution. It has now become a pillar force in the core chips and modules of new energy.